Farewell to a true gentleman, and fashion icon! Thank you for the time that you gave us. Thank you for inspiring others to follow their dreams, and to believe in fashion. You will be greatly missed.



Delicate dangle

This headpiece received a lot of attention at our New York bridal market this year. I wanted to design something that was very fashion forward for all of the sleek, clean, style dresses that are so very hip right now. I also know that the very fabulous high bun is not going anywhere soon. The trick is to make the bun look like you just tossed it up quickly, yet have it look amazingly elegant. This two toned piece can be worn in front as well so the chain drapes on the forehead. Hope you enjoy! Erin

Masquerade Marvel

I’m always looking for something magnificent to create for runway shows. I am sooooo inspired by the dark, yet gorgeous masquerades that are strutting down the runway. The beading and perfect use of strange are simply stunning. Which makes me feel a little twisted……..yet somehow I’m ok with that. Enjoy~ erin

Just a touch of HIP!

For the love of Fashion, feast your eyes on the gorgeous hipsters that came strolling down the runway at our October bridal market! It definitely takes plenty of time to get our samples in, but surely worth the wait! I Cannot wait to open the other boxes to see what other little gems have been sent! A fabulous kickoff to our Trunk Show season! Please come and see what is all the RAVE!!!! By appt. please 949.642.5552

Who is the fairest of them all?

I’m in love with this photo that captures this lengthy beauty. If you are going to say your nuptials in a grand church or synagogue, this would be a stunning option. Any long train can be altered after the ceremony to bustle up for your reception. Sometimes the fabric can seem heavy, so make sure to choose a gown that you will enjoy dancing the night away!!!! Enjoy! Erin

Gowns of color!

The upcoming Wedding season is upon us! Color will be a big hit. Here are a few fabulous dresses of color that I love! One gown is hidden by the cake, but don’t you love the touch of ombré brought into the gorgeous lares of frosting that match her dress. Are you brave enough to wear color on your big day? As for me? It’s a BIG YES!!! Erin

Congratulations to the Newly Engaged!

This is such an exciting time for many newly engaged couples. It’s so fun for me as a designer to be in the salon and to hear of all of the beautiful, romantic engagement stories of how HE or SHE Popped the question. We are so excited for the upcoming season, and ready to show some incredible, gorgeous fashion! January is my month to be at the salon regularly to meet upcoming brides and help style them in the LOOK of their dreams! Please check our website and come let us dress you for your very special day!!!!

Bridal market is upon us!

Ohhhhhhhh the excitement is almost unbearable, as we approach New York bridal fashion week we are about to feast our eyes on some of the most fashion forward designs in bridal. The runway shows are so incredibly creative and gorgeous that you can’t believe your eyes. Who will I be seeing you ask? Only the most high fashion designers with incredible style and original architecture……. Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Carolina Hererra, Jenny Packham, Rita Vineris, and Elizabeth Filmore! Let the fashion fabulous begin!!!!! Erin

Gatsby decadence

I love all the Great Gatsby Hype! What a fabulous era to be a part of. I have photographed some our new collections of dresses that are inspired by the decadence idealism that surrounded this intricate novel. This photo hits home to me with all of the sparkle and beautiful shimmer that adorned the very decorative women of the early 1920’s.